I enjoy speaking at conferences and webinars. This page lists some of the events I’ve spoken at.

Jump to: 2022 2021
Keynote: Did We Make Developers Happy by Shifting to Microservices?
Oct 2022
Using Kubernetes and Crossplane Together to Help Developers Code Cloud Native Applications
Oct 2022
How Kubernetes Is Helping Shape the Future of Modern Application Development
Jul 2022
Prow! Leveraging Developer-Centric CI for Your OSS Project!
May 2022
Leveraging Running Stateful Workloads on Kubernetes for the Benefit of Developers
May 2022
Maybe It's Time to Rethink How You've Been Developing?
May 2022
Leveraging Kubernetes For Remote Development Environments
Apr 2022
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Evaluating Dependency Updates to Kubernetes
Dec 2021
depstat: Analyzing a Go Project’s Dependencies
Oct 2021
Making Your Controllers Resilient: Workqueue To The Rescue
Sep 2021
A Guide To Evaluating Dependency Updates To Kubernetes
Sep 2021
How To Contribute To Kubernetes
Sep 2021